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phosphene book cover


Phosphene is a bi-lingual collection of poems that began in Mexico as a series of rituals and offerings at sacred sites. Poems were written as prayers for the wind, for buried cities and for the invisible. Published by Rabbit Poet Series, the book is illuminated by the collages of Jacqueline Cavallaro. A Phosphene exhibition included poems, artworks by Jacqueline Cavallaro, as well as audio and film by Guillermo Batiz and Tamara Elkins.


Covert Plants: Vegetal Consciousness and Agency in an Anthropocentric World

Covert Plants contributes to newly emerging discourses on the implications of vegetal life for the arts and culture. This stretches to changes in our perception of ‘nature’ and to the adapting roles of botany, evolutionary ecology, and environmental aesthetics in the humanities. Its editors and contributors seek various expressions of vegetal life rather than the mere representation of such, and they proceed from the conviction that a rigorous approach to thinking with and through vegetal life must be interdisciplinary. 


University of Texas Press, ‘Picturing childhood : youth in transnational comics’ (chapter)

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‘Comics Poetry: Beyond sequential boundaries’ (Dissertation)


lineas en tierra / lines in land (poetry editorial and translation - forthcoming)

Ashbery Mode, TinFish Press, (poetry)

Philosophy Activism Nature (PAN) ,‘Marrow’ (poetry)

Cordite Poetry Review, ‘Beneath the Cathedral’ (poetry)

Tabula Rasa, ‘Tapalpa’ (poetry)

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Mascara Literary Review, ‘ANEKI’ (comics poetry)

Mascara Literary Review, Bella Li and A.J Curruthers (review) 

Mascara Literary Review, Michael Brennan’s Autoethnographic (review)

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