‘Plant Symphony’ is an experimental audio-visual project created in collaboration with plants, national parks, botanical gardens and the public.

Dreamt by multimedia artists Guillermo Batiz, 
Dr. Tamryn Bennett, the project uses ultrasonic technologies to  develop site-specific sound labs that record bioacoustic emissions of flora. In collaboration with artists, dancers and  musicians, the project creates participatory biosymphonies to investigate how sound shapes ecology and what impact introduced species have on the harmonies of native ecosystems.

sound lab #3

Guillermo Batiz is a Mexican sound and multimedia artist. His raudio-visual compositions have been created in collaboration and performed internationally alongside Murcof, Sigur Rós, Telefon Tel Aviv, Manrico Montero, Childs, Justice and in films including Carlos Reygadas’ Luz Silencia. His solo releases include ‘Things I whisper in your ear’, (Vice, 2014)  ‘Solar blood’, (MTV, 2012) ‘Yui’, (Static Discos, 2006) ‘Enough about me, let’s talk about me’, (Cyan Records, 2006). Residencies include Bundanon Trust and Wollongong Art Gallery.

Tamryn Bennett is a poet, artist and Director of Red Room Poetry. Her book phosphene is published by Rabbit Poet Series. A second collection, icaros, is forthcoming with Vagabond Press. Tamryn’s poetic projects have been exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, Switzerland and Mexico. Her poems, comics and essays have appeared in The Covert PlantCorditeMascaraImageText and Image [&] Narrative amongst others. Other awards include The Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarship and Australia Council Professional Development Grant.